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Wireless LAN


Single-Radio Enterprise-Class
Access Point at a Small Business Price

Motorola WiAP-100 Access Point

The Motorola WiAP-100 Access Point is a feature-rich Wi-Fi compliant Access Point solution that provides all the features and functionality of a high-end solution without the high-end price tag. The WiAP-100 Access Point is a single radio access point that provides highly secure 802.1x-based WLAN security with auto key managemet, using an efficient encryption key rotation scheme - available in 802.11g. For small and medium business, the WiAP-100 offers Radius-based access control, and all of the performance, security and management features of enterprise-class solutions. The broad set of management options includes management via a web browser, delivering the flexibility and freedom of anytime, anywhere remote management.

Highly scalable and equipped with advanced processing power to support additional features in the future, the WiAP-100 Access Point offers the best protection for your investment.

  • Small and medium businesses or government offices
  • K-12 educational institutions and non-profit organizations that require maximum mobility on a limited budget

Broadband Wireless Networking For Enterprises and Public Hotspots

Motorola WiAP-200 Access Point

The Motorola WiAP 200 Access Point is an all-in-one wireless access point and gateway, specifically designed for public hotspot providers and enterprises. It enables enterprises to offer corporate immediate access regardless of their existing network or ISP settings. Dynamic address translation (DAT) automatically maps local PC settings, saving visitors from having to temporarily change the settings on their PC’s.

For public hotspots, the Motorola WiAP-220 Access Point delivers seamless connectivity, high security, flexibility and standards-based authentication and billing systems support. Eliminating the need to purchase separate gateways and access points, it significantly cuts hardware and installation costs for both venue owners and service providers. The Motorola WiAP-220 authenticates users based on various methods and allows for seamless roaming between hotspots. Standards-based Radius Authentification, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) attributes easily tie billing systems , allow on-the-spot customer acquisition, and support varied service offerings, such as pay-per-use or fixed fee subscriptions. Offering various levels of security, the Motorola WiAP-220 has all the capabilities you need to help prevent eavesdropping between stations and to allow subscribers to set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.


  • Carriers and Wireless Service Providers: expand customer base, extend network reach, penetrate new markets, increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Public venues (restaurants, hotels, chain stores, etc.): increase revenues, capitalize on unique selling proposition of diversified WLAN services
  • Enterprises: enable visitors to wirelessly connect to their own VPN and the Internet.

Simple, Convenient and Secure Wireless LAN
Connectivity for Every Network

ORiNOCO Network Interface Card

ORiNOCO Network Interface Cards (NICs) deliver th utmost in mobile convenience and performance, so that you can move easily between 802.11 networks at work, home, and in public spaces. Fully compliant with all 802.11 standards, the NICs deliver proven high performance for a broad range of applications and host computer systems. The NICs provide throughput five times higher than 802.11b, which speeds network response times and supports bandwidth- intensive applications. Just plug in the NIC into the Cardbus slot of your notebook computer and you have everything you need for maximum wireless productivity in an enterprise, public building or at home.

Available in 2 Versions

The 802.11 b/g NIC gives you the flexibility to connect to any 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network. The 802.11 a/b/g ComboCard protects your network investment by allowing you to deploy and simultaneously support new higher speed 802.11a and 802.11g infrastructure within legacy 802.11b networks.

The ORiNOCO NIC provides multiple security levels, with encryption up to 152-bit WEP and 802.1x authentification for enterprise-class security. Available in b/g and a/b/g, the NICs include an easy-to-use utlity for quick, simple connection. Both versions are shipped hardware-ready for upgrade to Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security.


  • Small/medium business, enterprises: improve productivity with
    mobile network, Internet, and email inside buildings, around campus.
  • Education: flexible, immediate, mobile faculty and student connectivity in dorms, classrooms, offices
  • Quick network build-out for new employees
  • Healthcare: hospital-wide transmission of bandwidth-intensive medical data and image file




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