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Motorola PR1500 Accessories

Motorola PR1500 Batteries
Motorola batteries provide lasting durability and are system tested to ensure optimum performance. Choose from several chemistry and capacity alternatives to meet your needs. NiCd batteries are best for extreme temperature environments and provide the maximum number of charge/discharge cycles. NiMH batteries offer extended-duty cycles, providing more talk time per shift.

NTN9815B NiCD 1525 mAh 7.5V
NTN9816B* NiCD 1525 mAh 7.5V Intrinsically Safe
NTN9858B NiMH 1800 mAh 7.5V
NTN9857B* NiMH 1800 mAh 7.5V Intrinsically Safe

Motorola PR1500 Antennas
Wideband antennas are ideal when using radios in different frequencies, since one antenna can cover all ranges. Helical antennas are sturdy and dependable, providing years of reliable communication. The skirt at the base of the antenna helps to seal out potentially damaging environmental elements, and the connector is made of plated brass material for exceptionally long life. Dipole antennas are injection-molded in rugged polyurethane with a wide skirt at the bottom of the connector for protection against the elements. Flexible whip antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core, and spiral wound conductor for optimal strength and radiation characteristics.

  • 8505644V01 Antenna, 136-150.8 MHZ Wideband Helical
  • 8505518V01 Antenna, 136-174 MHZ Wideband Dipole
  • 8505644V02 Antenna, 150.8-162 MHZ Wideband Helical
  • 8505644V03 Antenna, 162-178 MHZ Wideband Helical
  • NAE6546AR Antenna, 403-435 MHZ UHF Helical
  • NAE6547AR Antenna, 435-470 MHZ UHF Helical
  • NAE6548AR Antenna, 470-520 MHZ UHF Helical
  • NAE6549AR Antenna, 403-520 MHZ UHF Whip

You can safely charge most NiCD, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries to 90 percent capacity in one to two hours with either the NTN1667A or the NTN1177E. Both are ideal for multi-shift operations or central equipment rooms.

NTN1667A Single-Unit, universal rapid charger, 110V
NTN1177E Multi-Unit, rapid rate, 110V - rapidly charges up to six batteries at once.

Motorola impres chargers automatically customize operations to individual user habits, optimizing both impres and standard battery charging performance and automating maintenance for impres batteries. The Smart Energy System lets batteries stay in charger for long periods without damaging heat build-up. The impres batteries can be removed and replaced midway through the charging cycle and charging picks up where it left off. Practical wall and rack mounts provide space-saving convenience for multi-unit chargers.

WPLN4111AR impres™ single-unit charger, 110V

WPLN4108BR impres™ multi-unit charger, 110V

WPLN4130A impres™ multi-unit charger, 110V with display

NLN7967A Wall mount for multi-unit charger

NLN7968A Rack mount for multi-unit charger

Carry Cases
Durable leather carrying cases are designed to hold your radio and battery securely in place while permitting audio to be heard clearly. Swivel cases attach to belt and allow case to swing freely from side to side. Wrist and shoulder straps provide additional carrying options and convenience.

NNTN4115A Leather Case w/High Activity 3” Swivel Belt Loop

NNTN4116A Leather Case w/High Activity 2.5” Swivel Belt Loop

NNTN4117A Leather Case w/Snap Belt Loop & T-Strap

TDN9675A Wrist Strap

NTN5243A Shoulder Strap

Water-resistant remote speaker microphones let users talk and listen without removing their radio from the belt, case, or charger, providing high clarity even in noisy environments. Kit includes 6-foot cord assembly, 3.5mm ear jack, swivel clip, and quick disconnect latch.

NMN6191C* Remote Speaker Microphone, noise canceling

NMN6193C* Remote Speaker Microphone

RMN5038A* Emergency Remote Speaker Microphone - Features orange button functioning similar to a Man Down button. Ideal for Mission Critical situations. st Number Description

CommPort™ Integrated Microphone Receiver System
CommPort integrated microphone systems make it possible to communicate in the most adverse conditions. The advanced, self-adjusting microphone and receiver ensure clear audio delivery first time, every time. A variety of push-to-talk options makes it easy for users to customize the CommPort system for any application or environment.

NTN1624A* Integrated Ear Microphone /Receiver System w/Palm PTT (includes BDN6676 adapter)

NTN1625A* Integrated Ear Microphone/Receiver System w/PTT on Radio Adapter (includes BDN6676 adapter)

NTN1663A* Integrated Ear Microphone/Receiver System w/Ring PTT (includes BDN6676 adapter)

NTN1736A* Integrated Ear Microphone /Receiver System w/Snap-On-Side PTT (includes BDN6676 adapter)

NNTN4186 Integrated Bar Microphone w/Body PTT (includes BDN6676 adapter)efitst Numbescription

Ear Microphone System ( EMS) and Interface Modules
Compact ear microphone systems pick up voice communications through bone vibrations in the ear canal. The miniature earpiece leaves the hands free and face unobscured, making it ideal for rescue and hazard personnel. Professionals wearing breathing apparatus will find communicating with their masks as clear as without. The system also provides high speech clarity in noisy environments.

BDN6677A* Ear microphone for standard noise levels (up to 95dB), black

BDN6678A* Ear microphone for standard noise levels (up to 95dB), beige

BDN6641A* Ear microphone for high noise levels (up to 105dB), gray

0180300E83* Push-to-Talk Body Switch

0180358B38 Push-to-Talk Ring Switch

BDN6708B* Push-to-Talk only interface module

BDN6671B * Push-to-Talk and voice-activated interface moduleefitsrt Number Description

Heavy-duty headsets include noise-canceling boom microphones and can be worn with or without a hardhat. The push-to-talk button is located on the earcup.

BDN6635C* Heavy-duty VOX headset with boom mic (requires BDN6673 adapter cable)

BDN6636C Heavy-duty VOX headset with throat mic (requires BDN6673 adapter cable)

BDN6645A* Heavy-duty push-to-talk headset with boom mic (requires BDN6673 adapter cable)

Lightweight and ultra lightweight headsets include noise-canceling boom microphones and offer comfortable, extended wear while providing high clarity and discreet communication in moderate noise environments.

NMN1020A* Lightweight headset with boom mic to be worn on a helmet or safety glasses

(requires BDN6676 adapter)

NMN6245A* Single-muff lightweight headset with boom mic and in-line PTT (requires BDN6676 adapter)

NMN6246B* Ultra-light headset with boom mic and in-line PTT; ear bud style receiver

(requires BDN6676 adapter)

These medium-weight headsets with in-line push-to-talk capabilities have a 24-decibel noise reduction rating, providing the hearing protection crucial for noisy environments along with clear, crisp audio quality. Provides clear audio without covering the ear, critical for users who must hear their external surroundings.

NMN6258A* Medium weight headset, over-the-head with in-line PTT

NMN6259A* Medium weight headset, behind-the-head with in-line PTT

RMN4049A* Temple Transducer

RMN5049A* Rugged Temple Transducer - Allow user to receive audio without covering ear through bone conduction technology. Features adjustable straps and a large in-line Push-to-Talk button.

RMN4051 Two-way Hardhat Mount Headset Noise reduction ration of 22dB, requires adapter cable BDN6673

RMN4052 Noise-Canceling Tactical Headband Noise reduction ration of 24dB, requires adapter cable BDN6673

RMN4053 Noise-Canceling Tactical Hardhat Mount Headset Noise reduction ration of 22dB, requires adapter cable BDN6673

RMN5015A Cable BDN6673art Number Description

Surveillance Kits
Surveillance accessories allow the user to privately receive communication with the earpiece and are ideal in circumstances requiring discreet communication. A wide range of microphone and push-to-talk combinations as well as receive-only earpieces provide added flexibility to meet individual user needs.

BDN6664A* Receive only earpiece with standard earphone earloop (1-wire), beige

BDN6665A*† Receive only earpiece with standard earphone earloop (1-wire), beige, extra loud

BDN6726A* Receive only earpiece with standard earphone earloop (1-wire), black

BDN6727A*† Receive only earpiece with standard earphone earloop (1-wire), black, extra loud

BDN6666A* Receive only earpiece with volume control (1-wire), beige

BDN6728A* Receive only earpiece with volume control (1-wire), black

BDN6667A* Earpiece with microphone and PTT combined (2-wire), beige

BDN6669A*† Earpiece with microphone and PTT combined (2-wire), beige, extra loud

BDN6729A* Earpiece with microphone and PTT combined (2-wire), black

BDN6731A*† Earpiece with microphone and PTT combined (2-wire), black, extra loud

BDN6668A* Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), beige

BDN6670A*† Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), beige, extra loud

BDN6730A* Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), black

BDN6732A* Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), black, extra loud

ZMN6031A‡ Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), beige

ZMN6039A†‡ Earpiece with microphone and PTT separate (3-wire), beige, extra loud

ZMN6032A‡ Earpiece with microphone and PTT Combined (2-wire), beige

ZMN6038A†‡ Earpiece with microphone and PTT Combined (2-wire), beige, extra loud

Extended-wear Comfort Earpieces have a rubber tip and a clear, comfortable acoustic tube.

RLN5314 Receive only Comfort Earpiece, (1-wire), beige

RLN5318 Receive only Comfort Earpiece, (1-wire), black

RLN5311 Comfort Earpiece with microphone and PTT Combined (2-wire), beige

RLN5312 Comfort Earpiece with microphone and PTT Combined (2-wire), blackDescription

These pellet-style earpieces allow the user to receive communication discreetly and are unobtrusive. Comfortable for situations requiring extended wear.

BDN6780A* Single earbud with microphone and PTT (requires BDN6676 adapter)

BDN6781A* Receive only earbud (requires BDN6676 adapter)

BDN6719A Flexible ear receiverber Description

BDN6673B* Adapter cable (Must be ordered separately. For use with ZMN6031, ZMN6036, ZMN6038, ZMN6039)

BDN6676D* 3.5mm jack adapter with quick disconnect latch

NTN7660C Tilt/man down switch

NNTN4285A RSM Adapter

NTN8613B Keyload Adapter

Motorola Original – When an accessory is purchased with this seal, it certifies a Motorola Original® Accessory. These high-quality accessories allow your customers to properly charge and safely transport the PR Professional Series radios. Motorola Original Accessories carry a one-year limited warranty.

* Intrinsically safe when used with FM approved radio.

† Exceeds OSHA limits.

‡ Require adapter NTN8613B with keyload capabilities.

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