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Motorola CommandSTAR Lite


CommandSTAR Lite is a reliable, feature-rich conventional mobile radio that offers high-level dispatch functionality. It is software controlled for full and convenient remote programming, easy adaption to specific requirements, and upgrading through the CommandSTAR System Database Manager. The CommandSTAR Lite console is capable of independent operation or can be used in parallel with multiple positions. Multi-tasking allows the operator to perform various tasks simultaneously.

Motorola CommandSTAR Lite Features

  • Sophisticated software for remote programming troubleshooting and maintenance, system configuration, and statistics logging
  • For mid-size dispatch operations with up to 10 operator positions
  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations with the flexibility to add individual auxiliary control modules and channel control modules
  • Up to 8 base stations or repeaters can interface to each operator position
  • Equipped with 12 alphanumeric keys for telephone dialing and entering signaling codes; a 2 line x 16 character display shows date, time, paging alias, paging status, queued MDC 1200 messages, console features, programming and test functions


  • Dispatcher Busy Indication - LED signals when there is audio present, indicating a dispatcher is involved in a radio or telephone conversation. It helps to minimize disruptions.
  • One Button Paging - Buttons on the Auxiliary Control Module can be pre-defined with paging destinations; including channel, frequency, page format, and cap code. A single page transmission can be sent out to multiple pagers by depressing up to 16 page buttons prior to page transmit. Provides a fast and accurate paging method.
  • Patch with Memory and Instant Transmit - Any combination of available radio channels can be patched together, regardless of band, with any number of available phone lines or call director circuits.
  • Stat-Alert Signaling - MDC 1200 data signaling format supports the following functions of a per channel basis using a DCCM with display. It allows users to manage their mobile fleets in a more efficient manner by inter-mixing voice and data transmissions on a standard radio channel. Data can be decoded per channel, allowing for no interference of channel activities.


If you would like to read more about the CommandSTAR Lite, refer to these support materials:

CommandSTAR Lite catalog sheet

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