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MagOne Accessories

Mag One Accessories for Motorola Radios

Afforadable Accessories That Make Your Work Easier

Get exceptional price and performance with the only value-priced accessories tested and certified by Motorola.

More Affordable Accessories for More Productive Workplaces
Mag One accessories extend your radio's functionality and accessibility, providing a wide range of benefits including privacy, hands-free convenience and increased volume for high noise environments. They are the only value-priced accessories tested and certified by Motorola for use with their two-way commercial and professional series radios. Mag One accessories help improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of light-duty and moderate business applications.


An associate needs to check stock for a customer. Mag One earpieces help floor personnel and managers communicate in real-time, improving customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and earning customer loyalty.


Mag One headsets help hotel managers and staff coordinate and communicate discreetly to provide the fast, impeccable service that optimizes guest comfort and ensures return trips.


In the restaurant business, reservations team, maitre'd, wait staff and the kitchen must be on the same page at all times. Mag One earpieces deliver clear communications that streamline reservations, service and customer satisfaction.

Building Management

Mag One remote speaker microphones help provide the real-time premises wide communications that are needed to seamlessly and transparently maximize building security and tenant service.

Get Maximum Value At Minimum Cost

Mag One accessories are designed to keep your business operating smoothly and productively… without straining your budget. The Mag One product portfolio delivers maximum value and price-performance. The earpieces, headsets and remote speaker microphones are optimized for use with Motorola's commercial-series and professional-series two-way radios. All are designed to deliver clear voice communications and exceptional ease of use in a variety of business environments.



Mag One earpieces are small, comfortable and enable users to discreetly send and receive messages from their two-way radios. Choose from earbud or over-the-ear design, depending on user preference.

  • Sleek styling
  • In-line, easy-to-access compact microphone/PTT
  • Adjustable garment clip for greater mobility and convenience
  • Voice Activated Transmission (VOX) enables hands-free operation with VOX-capable radios
  • Comfortable and lightweight for all-day wear ability



Ultra-light Mag One headsets are optimized for communications intensive environments in which personnel need to interact with customers while maintaining radio communications. Choose from a earhook, behind-the-head or over-the-head style headset. All provide high quality audio, easy-to use functions and all-day comfort.

  • Single-side design
  • Convenient, easily-accessible inline PTT
  • Adjustable boom microphones for clear transmission
  • Total hands-free operation with VOX-capable headsets when used with VOX-capable radios

Remote Speaker Microphone


The compact Mag One remote speaker microphone simplifies jobs by allowing users to talk and listen without having to remove their radios from belts or carrying cases. Innovative audio features reduce echoing effects for intelligible, natural sounding audio.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Adjustable swivel clip for securing to clothing
  • Convenient one-hand operation

Designed To Work Seamlessly With Motorola Two-Way Business Radios

Mag One accessories are the only value-priced accessories tested and certified by Motorola. Thorough and extensive testing ensures that Mag One earpieces, headsets and remote microphones optimize communications when paired with Motorola's commercial and professional series two-way radios.


Mag One audio accessories are available for Motorola Commercial and Professional Series Radios.

  • BPR 40
  • CP185
  • CP200 / CP200 XLS
  • HT750
  • HT1250 /HT1250 LS+
  • HT1550 XLS
  • MOTOTRBO XPR3300/3500

Mag One – Warranty For Peace Of Mind

All Mag One accessories come with a six month warranty that covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.


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