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Motorola Public Safety Mobile Radio Accessories

Motorola Accessoreis for Public Safety Mobiles

Safety Doesn't End With The Radio

Motorola's Most Advanced Mobile Accessories Deliver Exceptional Performance.

During a high speed pursuit or commanding a Fireground scene, communication is vital; your focus can't be on operating the radio. The radio has to perform so you can communicate while remaining focused on the mission. Mobile accessories are a critical part of your communications as well. Every mobile microphone, speaker, alarm, and control station accessory is best-in-class technology, designed and optimized specifically for your APX mobile. Many accessories from the Motorola XTL radios that utilize the O5 and O3 control heads can be re-used - maximizing your investment while maintaining the latest technology.

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

During a high-speed pursuit, your focus can't be on operating the radio. Mission critical voice transmissions have to be heard over engine, siren and wind noise. The IMPRES™ visor microphone allows hands-free communication, and IMPRES technology helps ensure your voice is heard regardless of how closely you are speaking into the microphone or how much wind or road noise is in the background.

APX P25 Mobiles The Most Complete Lineup Of Safety-Focused Mobiles

For any agency and any budget, the APX Mobile platform offers the most flexibility in meeting mission-critical communication needs - so you optimize every dollar, and equip first responders with the world's safest mobile radios. A complete line of APX mobiles, control heads and accessories - all designed to our legendary quality standards - are key to creating solutions for all types of installations, from squad cars and motorcycles to fire apparatus and military vehicles.

Communication Is Vital When Commanding A Fireground Scene

In the midst of chaos when the noise has reached a deafening level, you need every word to reach the places you can't. Dangerous situations can rapidly intensify and you need the ability to communicate in an instant to coordinate response. The APX mobile keypad microphone provides instant access to key radio functions and ensures your voice is heard loud and clear, no matter the conditions.

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