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Alarm Management


Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

MOTOTRBO radios with data applications can enhance safety and situational awareness.

ACS Alarm Control System

ACS Alarm Control System

ACS is a scalable and easy to install solution that significantly decreases response times to important alarms and emergency situations, increases workplace efficiency and creates a safer workplace for employees.

ACS (Alarm Control System) is a modular platform designed to provide efficient alarm management from multiple disparate alarm sources, and to intelligently notify the correct individuals via existing communications infrastructures. ACS provides a guarantee that the necessary staff will be informed of specific triggered events by utilizing worker schedules and competencies, and by interfacing with multiple devices (i.e. two-way radios, mobile phones, e-mail). Additional modules can be coupled with the ACS platform to ensure greater employee safety and security.

Redefining Automatic Alarm Management and Notification

Central to all business activities is a functional, operational and threat free environment. All workplaces are equipped with processes or systems that require the transmission of time-sensitive and often urgent information. ACS is an intelligent alarm management and notification solution that provides organizations with the platform to automatically listen for alarm outputs from Building Management and Automated Process Systems. Instantaneously notify the right individuals of ongoing events based on worker schedules, competencies, location and communication media.


Higher Workplace Efficiency

  • ACS reduces response times to alarms and urgent events by consolidating disparate alarm sources and managing the notification process, leading to an increase in workplace efficiency. ROI is as low as six months for most installations.

Greater Employee Safety

  • By eliminating the need for human dispatching of alarm notifications and ensuring that the message is delivered to the right individual, workers are better positioned to respond to critical situation.
  • ACS also provides a reliable platform for Centralized Lone Worker, another application from the Teldio Application Suite, to automatically notify colleagues or response teams if workers become unresponsive.

Key Features

  • The intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms.
  • The system prioritizes alarms to optimize the use of available resources.
  • ACS listens to alarms from multiple sources.
  • ACS is always active, and provides automated coverage 24/7.
  • Notifications can be simultaneously sent to multiple media: MOTOTRBO radios, mobile phones, pagers, e-mail gateways.


ACS Alarm Control System Brochure


DAPage™ solutions serves as a central data bridge for providing universal gateway services. These solutions bring out the full power of the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ product line by using real text based messaging and application integration - enabling cross platform data transactions, work order ticketing, and dispatch messaging while supporting both local and distributed applications.


  • The DAGate™ hardware controller requires minimal customer interaction to set-up and maintain. DAGate™ units arrive configured and ready to operate, requiring only simple mounting in a standard EIA rack for connecting to power, radios and internet enabled LAN segments. Once powered up, our DAGate™ opens a secure and stable tunnel from customer facilities to our designated hosts.
  • Stability. DAPage solutions provide built in redundancy and survivability by operating from multiple geographically diverse high availability data centers with carrier independent alternate route connectivity options.
  • “Push” rather than “pull” technology. The solutions do not utilize email accounts or store and forward email boxes that must be polled for transaction activity. This significantly reduces the transaction processing window and potential security exposure.
  • Active monitoring, alerting, and reporting for select aspects of customer environments including network and radio failures, message backlog, power failures with UPS power reporting, and custom features depending on customer requirements.

iTalkie™ Solution

iTalkie Solution

iTalkie™ is a groundbreaking solution to painlessly add the efficiency of voice and text communications into your business workflow.

Add walkie-talkie, messaging and phone-like intercom to your mobile computer. iTalkie™ combines the ease of use and deployment of traditional walkie-talkies with the benefits of serverless one-to-one calls and presence!

This P2P solution requires zero setup and configuration and is completely serverless. Just install the application on your PDA and/or PC and you are ready to page and call over your Wi-Fi network. It's that easy!

iTalkie™ answers the specific feedback from vertical markets customers (e.g. warehousing, retail, hospitaility, health care and government) that require a quality voice solution which is easily deployable, maintainable and cost effective.

iTalkie™ delivers excellent and clear audio in real-time. As soon as the PTT button is pressed other users immediately hear the page. In other solutions that use record-then-send mechanisms the page is not received until some time after the button is released, thus adding a noticeable delay which customers, during store and forward trials we conducted in 2003, reported as unbearable. In addition, noise Canceling and other signal processing maintain the voice clear even in loud sites, with better sound reproduction than telephones.

The iTalkie™ solution allows truly converged IP and RF deployments. Private calls from radios are automatically routed to individual dispatchers or clients on IP networks. The presence of aliased radios allows IP users to communicate with voice and text just as easily as using popular voice-enabled instant messaging applications. Radio users can reach cellphone users via SMS through email. Text messages from automated nurse-call applications, emergency alerts, manufacturing equipment or chemical plants can be routed to individual or groups of radio and fixed/mobile users. All voice and text calls can be logged to provide liability protection for even small radio-only deployments. Best of all, the iTalkie™ solution is highly scalable to thousands of clients and gateways and with the finest granularity of any communication solution.


iTalkie Solution Brochure


The MoniVox® Data Interface cable (MVX150) allows to capture and transfer data between electronic devices (equipped with RS232 and GPIO)  and MOTOTRBO™ mobile digital radios or base stations. 

This interface allows the radio MOTOTRBO™ to acts as a modem, transferring data from one radio to another. 

Data can be stored in a PC or a data center, and could also be integrated with other custom MoniVox® applications.



  • Information in “real time”
  • Remote access of data

Cost Reduction

  • Uses radio as a modem
  • No data transfer cost

Value Added

  • Data transfer even from remote areas
  • Interaction with MOTOTRBO™ radios


A Text Messaging and GPS Application for MOTOTRBO™

neoConneX® is a Client/server Application that supports up to 100 client connections with Windows based client. Clients are capable of text messaging and GPS tracking. It supports Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect and Conventional platforms. It allows seamless migration for carriers with multiple system types to support users all on a single platform. Subscriber roaming is automatic between systems.

Target Markets

Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Education, Finance, Government, Health Services, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Real Estate, Services, Transportation, Utilities, and Wholesale.


Designed for single Corporation or large scale Carrier solutions:

  • Up to 6 fully loaded CONNECT PLUS systems
  • Up to 10 neoNytro Node applications each supporting ONE of the following configurations:
    1. Up to 4 conventional or IP Site Connect
    2. Capacity Plus


  • Web based archive reporting tools
  • Optional neoConneX Web ASP.NET web based mapping solution
  • Google map, satellite and hybrid views
  • SQL Server support
  • Bundled with SQL Express, SQL Server is available as an option
  • Multi time zone support
  • The server, neoNytro Nodes and Clients can be in any time zone and time stamps are coordinated.
  • Dispatch client to subscriber radio text messaging
  • Store and forward an unlimited number of messages per subscriber radio
  • Aging function deletes older messages
  • Integrated email to text gateway
  • Email/Text
  • Scada support
  • RS232
  • SNPP
  • Scheduled GPS updates from subscribers
  • Wide mapping choices
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Internet map control with 27 online sources including Yahoo maps, Google maps and Bing maps.
  • Native ESRI Support
  • Build multilayered map projects with end user ESRI or GDI map data.


neoConnex Info Sheet
neoConnex brochure


PageMate is an electronic message dispatch application that accepts text messages from site-specific systems and applications, interactive users, scripts and command procedures, and electronic mail. PageMate provides reliable, trackable, real-time message delivery with audit trail for monitoring, emergency dispatch, plant automation, municipal government and other site-specific applications.

PageMate supports message dispatch to conventional pagers, call phones, PDAs, MOTOTRBO radios and electronic mail, plus text-to-speech conversion for automated voice delivery in English via telephone and public address systems. PageMate protocol converters, called gateway connectors, can also accept messages encoded in a dispatch protocol like TAP or SNPP and process them for rebroadcast in a different protocol.

PageMate dispatches messages through on-site and customer-owned paging systems, including systems from Motorola and Zetron, as well as public and commercial telephone, paging and short message service providers. Some SCADA and industrial process control system manufacturers provide integrated support for PageMate in their distributed control systems products.


PageMate Brochure

StreetTrek Location & Messaging Service

StreetTrek Location and Messaging Server™ is a solution specifically designed to acquire all incoming data from the MOTOTBRO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radios.


  • Requires control stations.
  • Optimized for applications when network connectivity at the repeater site(s) is not available.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Allows for saving of all inbound and outbound messages.
  • Enables connection of MOTOTRBO radios to StreetTrek, StreetTrek3™, StreetTrek Explorer™ and Simple Text Messaging™ clients.
  • Required to connect multiple mapping or text messaging clients.


StreetTrek Location & Messaging Service Brochure


Motorola MOTOTRBO™ 2-Way Radios Text to Email Gateway.

text@trbo™ is a text email gateway for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios. It allows 2-way radio users to send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.

  • Increase productivity by communicating to employees in the field.
  • Reap the benefits of text-messaging which is inherently faster, more accurate and less obtrusive than voice communications.
  • Run existing work order management applications or create your own radio-based workflow process, and show how messaging allows easily demonstrable ROI value propositions.
  • Ideal middleware for hospitality and other applications that use email to communicate with radios.
  • Use email to reach cell phone users via SMS.
  • Create a mobile radio-email hotspot by running it on a notebook with a 3G card.

Unlike any other text email gateway for the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios, text@trbo was designed as a true middleware component. As such it is very easy to deploy, effective and more importantly affordable.

Why spend hours and thousands of dollars on other solutions? You can install this software, connect via a simple cable the PC to the radio and in less than 10 minutes you are ready to send emails to radios!

text@trbo™ requires minimal configuration: only enter the incoming email server information, the list of email addresses allowed to reach the radios and corresponding dispatch IDs and you are done. It requires minimum processing power and memory, so not only you can save by running it on an existing system dedicated to other application but it is also priced at a fraction of other solutions.

  • Can be deployed in minutes: zero configuration for radios.
  • Supports SMTP for outbound and POP3 or SMTP for inbound email.
  • Faster and more reliable interface to HotSOS: it directly connects to M-Tech servers bypassing email.
  • Message are stored locally and forwarded with multiple retries if the radio is unavailable.
  • Bounce back email notification for unreachable or unknown radios.

It runs on any Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 system since it requires minimal storage and processing power. 

Target Markets

Hospitality, Public Utilities, Government, Education, and Security.


TRBOnet Text Messenger Brochure

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