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Fleet Management


Increase your mobile work team's operational efficiency with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios from Motorola. MOTOTRBO delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the industry's largest application developer program for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety.

MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios can help your business improve fleet safety, accountability, and route efficiency to save time, money and fuel.

Includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks and provides the ability to track vehicles, plan optimum routes, fuel management, drive management and health and safety. Fleet management is all about improving the efficiency, managing cost, complying with government legislation and more.

  • AVL with Reports
  • GPS Telematics
  • MDT & Engine Performance
  • Radio Signaling
  • Text/Email
  • Telemetry
  • VoIP


DAPage™ solutions serves as a central data bridge for providing universal gateway services. These solutions bring out the full power of the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ product line by using real text based messaging and application integration - enabling cross platform data transactions, work order ticketing, and dispatch messaging while supporting both local and distributed applications.


  • The DAGate™ hardware controller requires minimal customer interaction to set-up and maintain. DAGate™ units arrive configured and ready to operate, requiring only simple mounting in a standard EIA rack for connecting to power, radios and internet enabled LAN segments. Once powered up, our DAGate™ opens a secure and stable tunnel from customer facilities to our designated hosts.
  • Stability. DAPage solutions provide built in redundancy and survivability by operating from multiple geographically diverse high availability data centers with carrier independent alternate route connectivity options.
  • “Push” rather than “pull” technology. The solutions do not utilize email accounts or store and forward email boxes that must be polled for transaction activity. This significantly reduces the transaction processing window and potential security exposure.
  • Active monitoring, alerting, and reporting for select aspects of customer environments including network and radio failures, message backlog, power failures with UPS power reporting, and custom features depending on customer requirements.


Core Devices

The connexBOX® Core Devices act as the in-vehicle data collection and forward tool. A Core Device is necessary to configure and control all connexBOX® features. These devices will connect directly to the radio and ensure data is being passed from any sensors or input devices, through to the MOTOTRBO™ network. The functionality of these core devices can be further enhanced with peripherals and 3rd part sensors.

connexBOX XL®

The connexBOX XL® is currently the only core device available. This device contains the necessary hardware and firmware to enable the full feature set of connexBOX®. It also supports both the XD and XT Peripherals.


  • Telematics
  • Vehicle Ignition Detect
  • FAST Protocol
  • Supports connexBOX® XD
  • Supports connexBOX® XT
  • Event Based Reporting


Peripherals range from input devices to MDT solutions. These can enhance and add functionality to the core product. 3rd party equipment such as sensors can also be integrated.

connexBOX XT®

The connexBOX XT utilizes the 5 telemetry inputs on the rear of the MOTOTRBO™ radio for status messaging. There are 5 status buttons which correspond to the inputs, plus a 6th “No Status” or “Clear” button. The labeling on the device and the configuration of the server can be user defined to utilize the inputs for any status required for the application. The rugged construction features a die-cast aluminum case which has been designed for industrial environments.

connexBOX XD®

The display used in MDT solutions utilizes RS232 connectivity. This display is loaded with customer or application specific software and is used to provide information input/output to the driver. 3rd party windows tablets with RS232 connectivity have the potential to serve as an XD in lieu of the standard product. This allows the user to select their own hardware for the interface.



eztracker@trbo™ is a single position application that allows real-time monitoring of your fleet using Google Maps and lets you contact them via text messaging. Tether your base station to any PC and use it for voice calls at the same time.

For instance you can:

  • Visualize the individual position of each radio
  • Monitor if your vehicles are heading into traffic and reroute them appropriately
  • Text individual or group of radios

Extremely simple to configure and affordable!

eztracker@trbo™ answers the requests of many customers who are mostly interested in locating their subscribers, without incurring the cost of unnecessary features. It does not require a dedicated system, thus minimizing the overall TCO.

eztracker@trbo™ runs on any Microsoft Windows PC with Internet access and tethered via a standard USB programming cable to a MOTOTRBO mobile radio used as a control station. This radio can simultaneously act as a traditional base station and operate for voice calls using the microphone connected to the radio. In addition, eztracker@trbo™ can support a second control station for conventional GPS revert operation to offload the GPS reporting to a data channel.

eztracker@trbo™ only displays active radios that have registered their presence, thus reducing confusion with others that are turned off or out-of range. It is truly easy to install and intuitive to operate, requiring minimal or no training.

Target Markets

Transportation, Hospitality, Education, and Rentals.


  • Runs on any customer Microsoft Windows PC
  • Radio connection: standard MOTOTRBO™ mobile USB programming cable

Key Features

  • Single radio (1 slot) or dual radio configuration with GPS revert (2 slots)
  • Support MOTOTRBO conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and LCP
  • Direct USB to radio interface for MOTOTRBO signaling
  • MOTOTRBO ARS services for individual radio presence
  • MOTOTRBO GPS services for location reporting
  • MOTOTRBO TMS services for text messaging
  • Supports Google Maps with live traffic and temperature information
  • Support for maps, satellite, hybrid and terrain views
  • Maps can be zoomed and panned
  • Maps refresh is limited to a programmable time to reduce Internet access
  • Freeze map refresh
  • Active list of radios (can be aliased)
  • Global and individual radio reporting
  • Immediate location reporting
  • Highlighting on the map of selected radio
  • Location recording and playback to Excel-compatible CVS format
  • Application can be automatically started with Windows


eztracker@trbo Brochure

Fleet Management Solution

The Tallysman Fleet Management Solution provides Fleet and Operations staff with specialized monitoring and tracking tools, providing them with the ability to trace and record the movements of their mobile assets and workforce, record accurate data sent by your mobile personal and provide accurate reporting on the performance of your business.

The Fleet Management Solution helps you manage overall mobile workforce performance, reduce costs and maximize customers' satisfaction.

Tallysman's Fleet Management System provides you with the ability to:


  • Increase productivity.
  • Increased customer service.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use.


  • Track your vehicles in real-time.
  • Send and receive two way text messages.
  • Geofence alerts.
  • Speed and distance reports.
  • GPS Odometer and vehicle idle records.

hermesTRX enterprise

hermesTRX enterprise

Fleet Management, Guard Control, Security System

With the launch of hermesTRX enterprise, hermes microcom is continuing a success story in the MOTOTRBO™ application segment. Equipped with new features such as Geo-Fencing, the integration of various digital mapping platforms and the direct connectivity for up to 16 MOTOTRBO™ radios, hermesTRX is leading the standards in the MOTOTRBO™ application world.

Geo-Fencing has been included to add a layer of certainty to the tracking operations of the fleet. In a typical school bus scenario for example, a fleet of buses will normally operate within a strict geographic area. Should a bus cross the demarcation line, an emergency alert will inform the dispatcher and enables the dispatcher to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the bus and its passengers. The alerts to the dispatcher cannot only be sent as a normal emergency alert but can also be sent as an email.

Target Markets

Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Education, Finance, Government, Health Services, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Real Estate, Services, Transportation, Utilities, and Wholesale.


hermesTRX is not simply software. It is a reliable piece of hardware which is easy to access, configure and operate thru a built in web-server.


  • Plug-and-Play
  • Built in web server
  • Direct connection of up to 16 voice and data MOTOTRBO™ radios
  • Real-Time GPS based Location Tracking for up to 500 subscribers
  • Different mapping platforms for worldwide coverage
  • Voice call management and logging
  • Individual dedicated voice radios for each user
  • Web-based two-way text Messaging Service and Email Gateway
  • Instant Messaging


hermesTRX Enterprise Brochure


A Text Messaging and GPS Application for MOTOTRBO™

neoConneX® is a Client/server Application that supports up to 100 client connections with Windows based client. Clients are capable of text messaging and GPS tracking. It supports Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect and Conventional platforms. It allows seamless migration for carriers with multiple system types to support users all on a single platform. Subscriber roaming is automatic between systems.

Target Markets

Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Education, Finance, Government, Health Services, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Real Estate, Services, Transportation, Utilities, and Wholesale.


Designed for single Corporation or large scale Carrier solutions:

  • Up to 6 fully loaded CONNECT PLUS systems
  • Up to 10 neoNytro Node applications each supporting ONE of the following configurations:
    1. Up to 4 conventional or IP Site Connect
    2. Capacity Plus


  • Web based archive reporting tools
  • Optional neoConneX Web ASP.NET web based mapping solution
  • Google map, satellite and hybrid views
  • SQL Server support
  • Bundled with SQL Express, SQL Server is available as an option
  • Multi time zone support
  • The server, neoNytro Nodes and Clients can be in any time zone and time stamps are coordinated.
  • Dispatch client to subscriber radio text messaging
  • Store and forward an unlimited number of messages per subscriber radio
  • Aging function deletes older messages
  • Integrated email to text gateway
  • Email/Text
  • Scada support
  • RS232
  • SNPP
  • Scheduled GPS updates from subscribers
  • Wide mapping choices
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Internet map control with 27 online sources including Yahoo maps, Google maps and Bing maps.
  • Native ESRI Support
  • Build multilayered map projects with end user ESRI or GDI map data.


neoConnex Info Sheet
neoConnex brochure

neoConneX WebSuite

neoConneX Web Suite can be deployed in a dedicated manner for individual customers, or in a Carrier environment as a hosted web solution. Access to neoConneX Web Suite is via a secure login with username and password, each client has individual permissions for AVL, Text and Reporting.

  • PHP Application
  • Bundled with Apache Web Server
  • Uses the Google V3 API
  • Uses OpenLayers V3 API
    • Google
    • Open Street Maps
    • Bing
    • MapQuest
  • Street, hybrid and satellite views
    • Reporting feature to display tracking history of a subscriber
  • Google Maps Source

* AVL and Text messaging available with purchase of the AVL add on. Reporting is included with neoConneX.


neoConneX WebSuite Brochure


Radio Dispatcher, Outdoor GPS Based Localization

neoNytro is available in Standalone or Enterprise (Client/Server) versions. Mapping for neoNytro is provided by either Microsoft MapPoint or customer supplied raster images, making neoNytro ideal for either North American, European, or International markets where MapPoint is not available.

Target Markets

Utilities, Taxi Operators, Public Transit, Municipality Operations, Retail Delivery Operations, Tow Truck Operators, Health Services, Security, Transportation, and The Hospitality Industry.


neoNytro is a premium application for the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio platform combining messaging, AVL and telemetry with the Motorola Automatic Registration Service (ARS), making a full-featured application. The combination of geofencing and the NeoTerra Lone Worker System brings life safety monitoring capability to MOTOTRBO. All of the key functionality of the MOTOTRBO platform has been incorporated into a single application making neoNytro a simple application to install and maintain. NeoTerra has bundled easy to use utilities with neoNytro which simplify the configuration of the base computer and make the importing of raster images an easy exercise.


  • Short and Long Messages
  • GPS Tracking & revert support
  • ARS Registration Functions
  • Extensive archives and reporting
  • PTT Display
  • Bundled Map Maker and setup utilities
  • Status Monitoring
  • Lone Worker System
  • Telemetry Support
  • IP Connector feature for 3rd party integration
  • Choice of Microsoft MapPoint or customer supplied raster maps


neoNytro Brochure


SafeDispatch™ is our client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage an intuitive radio system display solution on their own computer, without incurring any monthly fees associated with other web-based or cellular options.

SafeDispatch™ provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets and personnel by adding intelligent features that work in conjunction with the embedded capabilities of your MOTOTRBO® radios.  

Adding SafeDispatch™ solutions almost instantly provides a return on your investment through benefits including: increased productivity, time and route management, effective customer service, fleet maintenance monitoring, insurance premium reductions for incorporating GPS/AVL applications into your business model, improved communication, real-time data to pinpoint cost saving opportunities, reductions in overtime and other operating expenses and many more.

SafeDispatch™ includes the following suites that can be mixed and matched to customize the perfect solution to meet your individual needs:

Key Features

  • GPS/ AVL Suite
  • Text Messaging Suite
  • E-mail Suite
  • Reporting Suite
  • Voice Dispatch Suite
  • Subscriber and User Manager Module
  • Mapping Options

SafeDispatch™ is compatible with the following MOTOTRBO® radio platforms:

  • Conventional
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus 
  • Connect Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus 


SafeDispatch Brochure


SafeNET™ is SafeMobile's affordable, entirely Web-based, solution to all fleet management needs. From anywhere in the world with an Internet connected PC, fleet managers are able to effectively manage and monitor their two-way radio or Cellular-based, GPS-equipped mobile workforce. When used in conjunction with a MOTOTRBO® system, SafeNET™ provides you with invaluable tools to maximize efficiency, achieve seamless communication and analyze critical data via key reports.

There are several advantages to utilizing SafeNET™ for your company's needs, some of which are listed here:

No Software Installation Required
SafeNET™ is entirely Web-based, via the Cloud, and works perfectly with the majority of modern browsers. There is no configuration or maintenance required, ever. Just log in to the provided URL! Our approach to a Web-based solution provides an easy, maintenance-free solution. We handle all updates so that you do not have to and updates are always free!

User Friendly Interface
Designed with a clean, intuitive interface, SafeNET™ is easy-to-use by anyone who has previous experience working with an Internet-based mapping solution, such as Google Maps. The application is also customizable to any language preference you require.

SafeNET™ is the most affordable solution on the market, offering an integration of applications with your radios that fit nearly every budget. The benefits of our SafeNET™ features will instantly provide an increase to your productivity and reduce overhead costs for your company that will far outweigh the nominal monthly fee to access the solution.

Accessible From Anywhere
Accessible from anywhere in the world, wherever you have access to an Internet connected PC; SafeNET™ requires no VPN or special hardware!

Key Features

  • GPS tracking allows you to view your radio live on the map.
  • SafeNet uses Google Maps in map view, street view and satellite view.
  • History plays back what roads or areas your radios have traveled and stores one year of data.
  • Unlimited text messaging to and from your radios.
  • Reporting Suite features nine different reports.


SafeNET Brochure

SmartPTT Basic

SmartPTT Enterprise

Dispatch Software Application

SmartPTT is a dispatch software application, which facilitates development of distributed radio communication systems with a large number of base stations and dispatcher consoles working simultaneously. It includes all benefits of MOTOTRBO™digital platform (Motorola). 

SmartPTT supports all digital features of MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios along with analog mode operation to facilitate gradual upgrade to the new radio communication standard by means of a "mixed" mode when some sites operate in an analog mode and others operate in digital.

SmartPTT architecture can manage subscriber networks of any size and topology. Such complex dispatching systems can be implemented at various kinds of industrial, municipal and commercial facilities:

Linear-extended objects
Multi-site dispatcher control systems for oil- and gas-pipelines, power grids, highways, railways, etc.

Geographically distributed objects
Dispatching systems for emergency services, municipalities, public transportation, security services, etc.

Local objects
 Single-site systems for manufacturing enterprises, airports, supermarkets, hotels, etc.

SmartPTT Enterprise introduces the most efficient way for dispatch control over MOTOTRBO systems based on direct IP connection to the repeaters. SmartPTT direct IP connection is applicable for all dispatching functionality including voice calls.

Advantages of systems based on direct IP connection to radio infrastructure

Extended Functionality

  • Enhanced Logging. Only direct IP connection-based system has the ability to log all voice calls and text messages including private ones and collect the information about the repeater used for transmissions.
  • Support of Digital Telephone Patch. With the direct IP connection to IP Site Connect systems or standalone repeaters, SmartPTT supports Motorola Digital Telephone Patch, providing SIP interface to telephony and ability to do simultaneous phone calls to MOTOTRBO subscribers on both time slots.
  • Monitoring. SmartPTT Monitoring service provides in-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO repeaters via direct IP connection.


SmartPTT dispatch system based on direct IP connection doesn't need any control stations and sound cards installed at the Radioserver. The Radioserver itself can be located at any distance from radio coverage and only requires stable IP connection to MOTOTRBO repeaters.


With the direct IP connection, single SmartPTT Radioserver can handle multiple distributed MOTOTRBO systems over large distances, providing seamless integration of different sites into a single radio network. Multilevel bridging feature allows establishing routes between SmartPTT Radioservers, providing ability of bridging between independent dispatching systems located in different regions.


Systems based on SmartPTT direct IP connection allow considerable reduction of costs, eliminating the need for control stations, extra server computers, and extra sound devices.

SmartPTT Enterprise

SmartPTT Enterprise

SmartPTT Enterprise software implements complex dispatching control over MOTOTRBO digital radio networks.

SmartPTT Enterprise includes all functionality of SmartPTT Basic, but considerably differs in architecture approach.

The key feature of SmartPTT Enterprise is possibility of direct control over MOTOTRBO networks (SmartPTT Enterprise connects directly to MOTOTRBO repeaters through IP protocol).

SmartPTT Enterprise Functionality

  • Radio Dispatch
  • GPS Tracking
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Data Transmission, Data and Voice Logging
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Radio Network Bridging for IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus

Key Features

  • Enhanced Functionality. Direct IP control over MOTOTRBO repeaters allows enhanced control over radio subscriber:
  • Logging all data and voice activity in MOTOTRBO network including private calls and text messages.
  • Logging information about the repeater used by subscriber for calls. Having this information it is possible to know approximate location of subscriber with the radio without GPS-receiver.
  • Reliability. SmartPTT Enterprise architecture requires considerably less amount of functional blocks to build the dispatching system in comparison to other applications. SmartPTT Enterprise doesn't need control stations (MOTOTRBO mobile radios) to communicate to subscribers. Also, it is not necessary to put Radioservers in radio coverage area.
  • Scalability. Because of the optimized architecture and enhanced means of dispatching control, SmartPTT Enterprise allows effective building dispatching systems of any size and topology.
  • Cost Efficiency. SmartPTT Enterprise saves considerable money for dispatching system in comparison with solutions based on control stations, because SmartPTT Enterprise requires considerably less units of server infrastructure and control stations are not needed at all.


Real-Time Asset Tracking and Management With High-Resolution Tele Atlas Maps

StreetTrek3™ is the industry's leading asset management solution for MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems. This powerful software solution provides dispatchers and administrators with real-time asset tracking and management capabilities with high-resolution Tana maps to improve operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • High-resolution, U.S. street-level Tana maps provide greater detail for precision tracking. Optional country maps, custom maps, satellite maps, and picture integration are available.
  • Highly customizable map layers allow users to adjust the display for their specific needs.
  • Address search, street directionality, and landmarks work with satellite map integration to provide advanced tracking.
  • Advanced features, such as geofencing and telemetry with both visual and audible alerts, provide greater asset monitoring and control. Geofencing and emergency notifications with email alerts.
  • Multiple map views, customized asset graphics, and asset history reports with breadcrumb trail allow for individual assets to be easily tracked. (Reports may be exported in CSV or TXT formats)
  • Online updates allow StreetTrek3 to operate with the latest data and functionality.
  • StreetTrek3 integrates seamlessly with StreetTrek Location and Messaging ServerTM, TrboDVR ServerTM, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus ServersTM, allowing for multiple clients.

StreetTrek Explorer

StreetTrek Explorer™ is the premier asset management solution for MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems. This robust software solution combines the power of StreetTrek real-time tracking capabilities with high-resolution Google Earth images and Google maps to help dispatchers and administrators manage mobile assets.


  • High-resolution Google Earth images combined with satellite, hybrid and street level Google Maps provide greater detail for precision tracking.
  • Address search, street directionality, and landmarks work with satellite map integration to provide advanced tracking.
  • Real-time traffic and construction updates to improve dispatcher efficiency.
  • Advanced features, such as geofencing and telemetry with both visual and audible alerts provide greater asset monitoring and control. Geofencing and emergency notifications with email alerts.
  • Customized asset graphics, asset history reports, individual map windows, and asset replay view allow for individual assets to be easily tracked. (Reports may be exported in CSV or TXT formats)
  • Online updates allow StreetTrek Explorer to operate with the latest data and functionality.
  • StreetTrek Explorer integrates seamlessly with StreetTrek Location and Messaging Server™, TrboDVR Server™, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Servers™, allowing for multiple clients.


StreetTrek Explorer Brochure

StreetTrek Web

StreetTrek Web™ provides the asset management capabilities of StreetTrek for MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems, without the need for server or client installations. This powerful web service provides dispatchers and administrators with real-time asset tracking and management capabilities with high-resolution Google Earth images and Google maps to improve operational efficiency.


  • High-resolution Google Earth images combined with map, satellite, hybrid, and street level views provide greater detail for precision tracking.
  • Fully customizable webpage including company logo and graphics, as well as individual secure user login credentials.
  • Access the service from most web-enabled devices, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Street directionality, and landmarks work with satellite map integration to provide advanced tracking.
  • Host data on your optional StreetTrek Server or upload to StreetTrek's Server.


StreetTrek Web Brochure



Web-based GPS/AVL Fleet Management Application

TrAVL PRO is the big brother to TrAVL MAX, providing all the features of TrAVL MAX and a whole lot more. TrAVL PRO provides MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus and PassPort NTS System operators with an intuitive set of interactive fleet and fixed asset management tools. TrAVL PRO allows communication with an unlimited number of subscribers. Multiple TrAVL PRO installations have secure access to a single Connect Plus system while maintaining fleet viewing privacy. Nobody sees your fleet, but you. This makes it possible for fleet management to be maintained by several departments within a large organization and by multiple customers all on the same system.


TrAVL PRO Brochure

TRBOnet Enterprise

TRBOnet Enterprise

Advanced Dispatcher Software for MOTOTRBO

TRBOnet Enterprise is a PC based client-server dispatcher software application for the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System. It is a premium application for MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Plus offering the unique features and a leading edge solution for the MOTOTRBO™ based applications.


TRBOnet Enterprise is a professional grade application specially developed for Dispatch centers that monitor large amounts of traffic. It supports digital as well as analog channels that could be helpful for clients during their migration period. Also makes response during emergency situations quick and effective, and can be used to link multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button by the dispatcher.


  • Voice Communications Management and Voice Recording
  • Cross Patch (Cross Band)
  • Intercom and TX passive
  • GPS Positioning (vector or raster maps)
  • GeoFencing and Speed Control
  • Group and Private calls, Remote Monitoring
  • Text Messages, Email Gateway and SMS Gateway
  • Telemetry Support
  • Event Logging
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Lone Worker and Stun Kill "passive"
  • User Activity and Status Monitoring
  • TCP/IP Data Encryption


TRBOnet Enterprise User Manual

TurboVUi Dispatch v6 with ProVUi GPS

TurboVUi Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch over IP for MOTOTRBO Radios.

The TurboVUi Dispatch client offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations). It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a user's efficiency. The IP Gateways and control station radios can be scattered among different locations, or centrally located. A host of accessories are available to implement an enterprise solution, including desk microphones, headsets, footswitches, and touch screens - all with PTT capabilities.

Key Features

The re-designed TurboVUi Dispatch (Version 6) is the most feature-rich dispatch console product for MOTOTRBO systems, with the following elements:

  • Voice Dispatching for a maximum of 36 simultaneous Talk Groups.
  • Voice and Event Logging and Replay.
  • Text Messaging.
  • Multi-Select with Select/Unselect Audio.
  • Cross-Muting.
  • All-Call, All-Text, and All-Emergency.
  • GPS Mapping of Radio Users.
  • Custom Action Buttons.
  • Archive History with GPS coordinate storage and review.

ProVUi GPS optional feature package adds:

  • Geo-fences.
  • Management Reports.
  • Trail Crumbs with Snap-to-Road™ technology.
  • Map Image Overlays.


TurboVUi™ Dispatch Data Sheet


webtracker@trbo™ is a web-based service to track radio assets: some of its strengths include its reliability, user management, flexibility of configuration and amount of reporting. It is very affordable too!

As in any true cloud-based system each customer account has its unique fully customizable configuration. Within each account the system allows:

  • Unlimited groups to which radios can be assigned (e.g. security, maintenance, etc.).
  • Unlimited number of geozeones, geocorridors.
  • Unlimited number users, each with it's own credentials and different rights to access the account information.
  • Unlimited number of event rules can be defined that trigger alert notifications via email, such exiting a geocorridor or an emergency.
  • Define measurement units (metric/imperial), time zone and other localization settings.
  • Foreign languages.

Besides providing fleet maps or animated breadcrumbs of individual radios, some of the reports include:

  • Trip detail: start time/location, and stop time/location.
  • Geozone: arrival/departure times, time spent within each and driving time between them.
  • Ignition detail/summary: displays time between various ignition on/off events.
  • GPS-based odometer reading (miles).
  • Account and user login: last account login times and login time for users within the account.

Ideal for both operators and carriers!

webtracker@trbo™ interfaces via IP to subscribers via both TABLETmedia's text@trboPlus Connect Plus data gateway and iTalkie™/RG radio gateway for all other networks (simplex, conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, LCP). Simultaneously! That means that an operator/carrier can simultaneously support older and newer networks, even if they are on different bands.

Even more powerful, customers can see their subscribers in one single interface independently of what network or technology they are on. Managing customers and assets is easy too since each customer is assigned a specific number of radios and radio codes


webtracker@trbo Brochure

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